QHow long does it take to get to Auckland Airport from Flypark?
A3-5 minutes on average by our shuttle van service.
QHow long before our flight departs do we need to arrive at Flypark?
AAirlines generally recommend check-in 1 hour prior for domestic flights and 2 hours prior for international flights. Please allow a further 15 minutes for your arrival at flypark for processing your booking, making payment prior to departure, transferring your luggage to our shuttle and taking you to the airport.
QAre you open at 3:30am for us to catch our flight at 6:00am?
AYes, but only if you are booked in. If you arrive without a booking we cannot guarantee that the shuttle will be available for you. We have somebody on site 24hrs a day, 7 days a week but from time to time the office may be unattended for a short while.
QHow can we pay? American Express, Visa, cash or cheque?
AAmerican Express is the only card we do not have a facility for.  Both VISA and Mastercard are acceptable. Cash is also acceptable however cheques are not accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the management.
QOur flight returns at 11:30pm, and we will clear customs around midnight.  Will somebody be available to pick us up?
AYes, you will be given a business card with a phone number on it.  You are required to ring this number after you clear customs for pick up.
QWhere are we picked up from at the international terminal?
AWe pick you up where we drop you off i.e. At Door #4. (Door #9 at arrivals is far too congested!)
QWhere are we picked up from at the domestic terminal?
AUsually we pick you up from the same door that we drop you off at i.e. At Door #3 for all Air New Zealand main city flights (Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin)and door 1 for all regional Air New Zealand flights. All Jetstar flights are picked up from the same drop-off point.
QI drop my car off at 11am and return the next day at 10am. Why am I charged for 2 days when this is less than 24hours time?
AOur billing cycle goes from Midnight to Midnight as a 24hour period. Therefore your vehicle is stored for 2 days with us and incurs a 2 day charge as a result. We don’t have the facility to charge for partial days storage.
QYour booking form has a picture of a car and asks us to complete a scratch and dent report. Why?
AWe are a professional car storage business and pride ourselves in our fastidious care of your vehicle. The scratch and dent report is for your peace of mind when you leave your car with us. You may choose to complete it or not. We take the utmost of care with your vehicle but accept no responsibility.
QDo you drive our vehicle on the roads without our knowledge or consent?
AWe do not drive your vehicle anywhere un-necessarily. If you request us to pick you up or drop you off in your own vehicle then we can do this. If you request us to refuel your vehicle or obtain a WOF then we can also do this. Only in an emergency or in transferring your vehicle from one flypark facility to another (like peak periods at Christmas for example) may result in the unlikely event of your vehicle being moved.
QCan you get my WOF, windscreen, battery etc done while I am away and if so, how much?
AWe are happy to do these things for you and will charge you only the cost incurred plus $15.00 per item as a service fee to cover staffing, phone calls, processing etc.
QI have been charged a minimum charge of $20.00 for only one day. Why?
AThe minimum charge we have is $20.00 (around half of our competitors!).
QMy vehicle is in long term storage with you but my relative is flying in to Auckland and would like to use the vehicle. I might also return and need it temporarily. Is this possible and is there a fee involved?
AThe discounted rate for long term storage does not include multiple transfers for use of the shuttle and the processing cost of making your car available at interim periods in the storage cycle. We are happy to assist in making the vehicle available for you and charge $10.00 additional to cover the extra shuttle service and processing of your vehicle. Please give us at least 24 hours notice in writing if this service is required.
QI would like my vehicle(s) washed/valet/hand-polished, what is the cost please?
A The cost of an external carwash is $50.00 which includes water-blasting, soap, tyre shine. The cost of a valet for an average car is $65.00 which includes the external wash plus inside vacuum, clean and deodorise (please advise if you do not require the deodoriser). 4wheel drives and exceptionally filthy cars are at a cost of $95 due to the time and effort involved in cleaning them. Hand polishing is also available for an additional $30.00 per vehicle. All these services must be booked in, if you arrive without a booking, we cannot guarantee to be able to assist in the timeframe you require. It is not compulsory to store your car with us to have these services booked and fleet discounts may apply so please feel free to ask.
QCan we book our car in with you if we are going on a boat cruise or any other event that does not involve going to the airport?
ACertainly! Please feel free to enquire for special quotes by calling us on 0800 flypark, thats 0800 359 7275
QHow is the cost of storage calculated?
AOur billing cycle runs from midnight (12.01 am) to midnight (12.00 am) per calendar day. We do not charge half days. For refunds, if your vehicle is removed early then the credit amount (less a $20.00 early return fee) will be refunded to you based on the rate of days your vehicle has been stored with us.
QCan you show me where you are located on a map so that it is easy for me to find you?
ACertainly. Ascot Road runs off Kirkbride Road which intersects George Bolt Drive (the main road to the airport).

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