Pet Parking

No longer do you have to make multiple trips to the dog kennel and cattery, then drop your car in to us and finally get to the airport tired, stressed and frazzled. Now, Flypark/ Petpark become your one-stop-shop where you drop off your vehicle and your pets in one simple and easy solution and you know that everything is taken care of. We are animal lovers too and pride ourselves in taking the utmost care of your most precious pets while you go away and relax on holiday. Your pet will also be having a relaxing break too while we pamper your pet in a home away from home atmosphere. It’s the best solution to make your trip worry-free knowing that your much-loved pet will be our much-loved pet for the time you are away.
Drop Off and Pick up times.
Just like you have experienced with us in the past looking after your vehicles, we are available 24 hours per day and seven days a week for your travel requirements. Our friendly and helpful staff are pleased to assist you in placing your pet into one of our holding facilities should our main office be closed (office hours are 9am-4pm).
Hygiene and Cleanliness.
Petpark strives to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for all its customers. We regularly disinfect all bedding and toys to assure you that your pet is completely safe while boarding with us.
Caring and Safety.
We maintain strict safety procedures to ensure that your pet is in a top class facility. Should your pet be a known escape artist then please do let us know so that we can keep an extra eye on them. We also regularly inspect your pets for any adverse signs of stress or illness for your added peace of mind.
Short term stays of a few days or less will often stay on site at Flypark / Petpark. The address is 50a Ascot Road Airport Oaks.
Longer term stays will be transported via secure shuttle to our luxurious rural property where the country air and sunshine will be just a snippet of the fun and relaxation your pet will get to enjoy
Cat$13.50 per day
Small dog (ie. Bichon, Jack Russell etc)$26.00 per day
Medium dog (i.e. Cocker Spaniel etc)$28.00 per day
Large dog (i.e. Lab, Boxer, Staff etc)$32.00 per day
Giant dog (i.e. Newfoundland etc)$34.00 per day
Entire male dog$2-$4.00 extra per day
Bitch in season$2-$4.00 extra per day
Non-social dogBy prior arrangement
Doggy Day Stay
Doggy Day Stays 7.30am – 5.30pm$15 per day 7.30am – 5.30pm
Public Holiday (Cat)
Public Holiday (Cat)$4.00 extra
Public Holiday (Dog)$8.00 extra
Roadside walk$6.00 for 15 minutes
Roadside walk$12.00 for 30 minutes
Medication supplied by customerNo charge
Vet visit attendance fee$40.00 plus Vet fees
Long stays 20 days or more5% discount (off season)
First dayCharged for full day regardless of check-in time
Last dayCharged for full day regardless of check-out time
Small Dog$50.00
Medium Dog$95.00
Large Dog$150.00
Extra Large or giant Dog$180.00
All prices subject to change without notice

Check-in / Check-out times and visiting times 09.00 – 5pm and always by prior arrangement and booking. Bedding and Food supplied. Exotic Pets welcome and charged on an individual basis so please call or email before booking. High Season surcharge for Cats and Dogs of $5 per day applies Dec 20 – Jan 10 and 5 days before Easter till 5 days after Easter.

Terms & Conditions

T1- Petpark, its employees and associated contractors proactively undertake to provide short term and long term care for the health and wellbeing of the customers pet(s) to the best of their ability, but will not be held responsible for any issues, health or otherwise, illness or loss for any reason whatsoever.
2- The customer indemnifies Flypark Limited and Petpark of any liability should the customers? pet cause any accident, injury harm or otherwise to another customers pet while being boarded.
3- The customer warrants that the pet(s) being boarded are free from any disease, fleas and are registered (as applicable) and are vaccinated, wormed and generally in a fit and healthy state to be boarded.
4- At the time of drop-off, the customer must agree to and sign the terms and conditions relating to pet boarding. The customer must also decide and sign at that time if they agree or do not agree to the following clause. Petpark as a layman, pleads no contest in the following:
4.1- Should the customers pet become ill or injured, Petpark will attempt to contact the customer to seek permission for urgent veterinary consultation. Should the customer be un-contactable, the customer either:
4.1.1 Does agree to Petpark using its own discretion to seek urgent veterinary assistance as deemed necessary at that time. Costs of consultation, medicines, surgery and follow-up will be charged direct to the customers? nominated credit card.
Yes, I agree to clause 4.1.1. Signed ______________________________________
alternate person for emergency contact details if the customer is not able to be contacted
is : Name ________________________ phone number__________________________
4.1.2 The customer DOES NOT AGREE to Petpark seeking urgent veterinary assistance in any way whatsoever, regardless if the event becomes life-threatening to the pet.
Yes, I agree to clause 4.1.2 and acknowledge that Petpark will not seek urgent veterinary consultation without my express written consent. Petpark will attempt to contact the customer by phone to advise of the situation but will do nothing more till fax/email authorization is received. Petpark will not be held liable for any injury, loss, death or accident in any way whatsoever as a result of the customer choosing this option and/or being un-contactable in the event that such veterinary assistance is deemed by Petpark as necessary or required.
Clause 4.1.2 Signed and agreed by the customer _____________________________
alternate person to contact in case of an emergency is _______________________ __________________ telephone _________________________________
5- All quotes and prices given are for the term of the customers given arrival and return dates. Should the customer alter or extend their travel dates then the extra days will be additional and payable by the customer.
6- Pets will not be released to a third party without the customer?s written consent.
7- High Season surcharges apply between December 20 – January 11 and five days prior to Easter till 5 days after Easter.
8- First and last day charged for full day regardless of check-in/out time.
9- All prices quoted include GST and are subject to change without notice.
10- Petpark may from time to time move the animal to another location rented/leased or otherwiae utilized by Petpark without further notice to the customer while boarded at Petpark.
11- Early returns – The customer must provide Petpark with a minimum of 48 hours-notice in writing if the customer is to return early from their trip. Any shorter term may mean that the pet is not at Flypark’s base when the customer returns.
12- Food- Only quality brand food will be used (i.e Royal Canin or of similar quality).
13- Pick up and drop off to your home is available at an extra cost of $49 per trip around the greater Auckland area. Rural areas will be an additional cost to be quoted individually.
14- Check-in/check-out is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Not all Flypark/Petpark staff are trained animal handlers and the customer may have to assist in dropping off and picking up their pet(s) into the respective holding facilities in the times that are outside Petpark’s main office hours of 9.00 am-4.00 pm
15- Petpark’s bedding and toys are washed frequently so all pets belongings left are to be clearly named to avoid loss.
16- Petpark recommends dogs be walked twice daily for health and wellbeing.
17- All pets must have current vaccination certificates with vaccines including Kennel Cough and Lepto having been administered at least 7 days prior to check-in. Please ensure your pet is flea and worm free. Evidence of this will be required at drop-off.
18- Payment in full is due at the time of booking.
19- Refunds will be given only if the customer cancels their trip completely. A cancellation fee of the greater of $30 or 20% of the booking total will be charged.
20- Unsociable or aggressive dogs must be muzzled or similarly restrained. The customer must advise Petpark that the animal has need for segregation whilst being boarded.
21- Customers with pets that prefer to share accommodation are welcome to do so but are still charged separately.
22- Exotic pets are deemed as anything other than dogs and cats. Exotic pets must be pre-booked and have an accompanying written instruction schedule detailing handling and dietary requirements. Specific cages/crates/container/bowls will need to be brought in by the customer as well as specific foods for the duration of the stay.
23- Pet grooming is available and must be pre-booked. Cats are charged at $99, small dogs $55, medium dogs $75, large dogs $95. Pets that are have extra-matted fur will be an additional $40
To follow is an explanation of the terms herein used:
a- ‘Petpark’ means Flypark Limited trading as Petpark.
b- ‘Urgent veterinary care’ means any situation where the health and wellbeing of the animal is seriously in doubt and requires such attention that only a competently trained and practising veterinarian can perform to aid and attempt to remedy the situation.
c- ‘Layman’ means Petpark, its employees or contractors are not qualified in any way to perform veterinary procedures or administer medication, diagnose or perform such procedures that a normal everyday person would not normally perform in the day to day care of an animal.
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